Warranty Assistance

Thank you very much for your preference for ONE Watch Company.

Our watches are manufactured with the highest standards and are submitted to rigorous quality tests before leaving the factory. Your ONE Watch has a warranty period of twenty-four (24) months from the date of purchase under the terms and conditions of this warranty. The international ONE warranty covers material and manufacturing defects existing at the time of the purchase of the ONE watch (“defects”). The warranty is only valid with your proof of purchase.

Warranty Conditions

  • During the warranty period and by presenting the warranty, you will have the right to have any defect repaired free of charge. In the event of it being impossible to restore your ONE watch to its normal condition, or if you purchased a ONE Watch in which the case cannot be opened, ONE guarantees its replacement by a similar model. The warranty for the replacement watch ends twenty-four (24) months after the date of purchase of the replaced watch. This manufacturer’s warranty does not cover: – the life of the battery; normal wear and tear and aging (e.g. scratched crystal; alteration of the colour and/or material of non-metallic straps and chains, such as leather, plastic, textile, velcro; peeling of the plating); any damage on any part of the watch resulting from abnormal/ abusive use, lack of care, negligence, accidents (knocks, dents, crushing, broken crystal, etc.), incorrect use of the watch and non-observance of the use directions provided by ONE; indirect or consequential damages of any kind resulting from e.g. the use, the non-functioning, the defects or the inaccuracy of the ONE Watch; the ONE Watch handled by non-authorized persons (e.g. for battery replacement, services or repairs) or which undergoes alterations in its original condition beyond ONE’s control.
  • The above manufacturer’s warranty:
    • is independent of any warranty that may be provided by the seller, for which he carries sole responsibility.
    • does not affect the purchaser’s rights against the seller nor any other mandatory statutory rights the purchaser may have.
  • If it is not possible to repair your watch, it will be exchanged for a similar one or another of the same value.
  • For the warranty to be valid, it has to be completely filled out, stamped by the retailer and be accompanied by watch’s proof of purchase.

Exclusions and Restrictions to the Warranty

This warranty is valid only if original parts have been used for servicing. The warranty is only valid if the watch is interventioned by an authorized technician.

The warranty does not cover the bracelet, battery or crystal.

The warranty does not cover any damages that can occur from usual wear, accident, neglect or inappropriate usage, such as, for example, normal wear of bracelet, broken or scratched crystal, or a broken crown.

We ask for your special attention if your watch has external stones or crystals. These watches should be treated with the same care as a jewellery piece since any mishandling might cause the stones to dislodge and fall off. This warranty doesn’t cover the loss of stones or any damage that might be caused to clothing by the watch. Whenever you have a watch with stones on the outside please keep it away from water, perfume or any other liquids that might interact with the stones and discolor them or hinder their grip.

The water resistance of your watch depends on the model and is written on its backcover. Please check the table below for the appropriate use for each water resistance type of watch.


Water Resistance Table


Please keep in mind that the crown must always be screwed in or pushed completely down to its normal position to ensure water resistance. Never use the pushers or rotating bezel or set the time when your watch is under water or wet.

When the watch battery is changed, so must be the rubber/silicone sealing of the backcover so as to ensure water resistance.

If a watch is interventioned during the warranty period, the warranty period shall not be extended.
We hope you enjoy your ONE Watch.


If you need to repair or calibrate your watch please go to an Authorized Sales Point and they will be happy to receive your watch and direct it to our Service Center for repair.

We ask you not come directly to our facilities since we may not be able to accomodate your particular case at the time of your visit.

Nevertheless, do not hesitate to contact us via email at assistencia@watchplanet.pt. should you have any doubts or questions that we may help you with.