Time For Fun

For people who like to get the most out of life.

Triggering emotions since 2004, ONE brand’s mission is to fulfill our basic need to control time, while also making a watch an attractive piece that reflects the unique personality of the person who wears it.

This is how the ONE COLORS collection was born, with a completely unique stance and attitude. The variety of available colors reminds us of the happiness of enjoying life and having fun.

Directed at a young and dynamic target market, ONE COLORS attracts the irreverence and sophistication of people who like to live and enjoy a colorful life.

The ONE COLORS boxes and their gift concept make the watches versatile and adaptable to the daily mood and style of each person. It is one of the brand’s assets that keeps attracting more admirers who seek a ONE solution for each moment of their lives. The magic of these boxes lies in the possibility of combining a watch with a variety of colorful bracelets.

•  Box Blot

Combines the classic with the contemporary, playing with contrasts that suit modern women well, women who believe in the concept of ‘forever young.’ With a golden or silver frame on the face, it comes with four silicone bracelets (white, blue, pink and red).

•  Splash Box

Designed for women who like to spread their color wherever they go. With a more informal and fun touch, this box has a white display with very colorful and subtle details. It comes with four silicone bracelets (blue/dark blue, pink, white and orange).

Fashion is no longer imposed and has become a daily game of color and imagination. ONE COLORS creations have no limits. Age or style are not obstacles; on the contrary, they are challenges that make people unique.

This is not just a watch, it is an attitude and a lifestyle.

Don’t be boring!